Oral Cancer Screening Just Got Easier at Dekamore Dental

OralID-DekamoreDental-webChecking for oral cancer just got easier at Dekamore Dental, your Sycamore dental office.

With OralID, doctors can see cancerous lesions in their earliest stages when survival rates are the highest.

How does OralID oral cancer screening work?

OralID is an oral cancer screening device that looks like a flashlight.   It emits a fluorescent light.  The Dekamore Dental dentists will shine this light onto the dental tissues in the patient’s mouth.  The dentist will wear the special eyeglasses that allow the clinician to see green areas that are normal and dark blue areas when the tissue is abnormal.

There are no dyes or swabs or tinctures used!

Contact Dekamore Dental at  (815) 748-2666 for an appointment to get your oral cancer screening appointment, or email us to request an appointment.

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