Halloween Guide To Good Dental Health

bigstock-Portrait-Of-Happy-Mother-With--102526979-compressedThe dentists and staff at Dekamore Dental want you to have a safe and healthy Halloween.  Our DeKalb dentists recommend the following:

  1. Sort out the halloween candy with your child.  Remove opened candy and food that is home made.
  2. Eat sweets with or shortly after mealtime.
  3. Limit the number of pieces of candy your child eats.
  4. Avoid candy that stays in your month for a long period of time unless it is sugarless.
  5. Avoid gooey candy that will stick in the grooves of the teeth and between teeth.
  6. Drink water while eating candy and drink after eating candy.
  7. Brush after eating candy.
  8. Floss.  If your child cannot floss their teeth, please floss their teeth for them.

 Enjoy your Halloween holiday!

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