Closed Monday, December 25th

Dekamore DentalDekamore Dental will be closed on Monday, Dec 25th in celebration of Christmas Day. We will re-open on Tuesday Dec 26th.

There is still time for an appointment before the end of the year. Call our office at (815) 748-2666 to schedule your appointment.

Time To Schedule Your Dental Appointment

Dekamore Dental insurance benefitsThe dentists and staff at Dekamore Dental do not want you to miss out on any dental benefits you may have.  Please call our office at  (815) 748-2666  OR email us to schedule your appointment.  There’s only 3 weeks left in December to schedule your cleaning or dental work.  Avoid the rush and call today!

Take Steps To Avoid Flu Transmission

flu prevention | Dekamore DentalDon’t want to give your flu to anyone else? The DeKalb dentists at Dekamore Dental want to help keep you healthy throughout the flu season.

Here are ways to protect those around you from getting the flu.  Read more in an article by the Center For Disease Control (CDC)

  1. Start with prevention.  Get the flu vaccine to prevent the flu or lessen the effects of the flu.
  2. Avoid close contact with others when you have the flu.
  3. Disinfect surfaces touched by a person with the flu.
  4. Stay at home if you have a fever.
  5. Wash your hands frequently, especially after you cough into your hand, sneeze or blow your nose.   If washing is not practical, use alcohol based hand sanitizers.
  6. Covering your nose with a facial tissue when you sneeze or cough is the best way to prevent transmission.  Throw the used tissue away in the garbage immediately.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving | Dekamore Dental | DeKalb ILThank you for being our valued patients. We appreciate your confidence in us.

On behalf of all of us at Dekamore Dental, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving.


The dentists and staff at Dekamore Dental.

Why do adults need fluoride treatments?

Dekamore Dental | DeKalb ILA fluoride treatment can make a positive change in your dental health at any age.

Fluoride has the ability to physically bond to your tooth structure making your tooth stronger and more resistant to decay (cavities).

As you age, your gums may recede exposing the cementum which covers the root surfaces of your teeth.  This part of your tooth can be sensitive to hot and cold and is softer than enamel making it more susceptible to decay.  The fluoride treatment can decrease tooth sensitivity and will fortify the tooth to make it more resistant to root decay.

If you are prone to cavities, the DeKalb dentists at Dekamore Dental recommend getting a fluoride treatment that will help prevent more decay.  If you are caries free, the fluoride treatment will help keep your teeth that way.

Unfortunately, a fluoride treatment is not a substitute for brushing and flossing at home!  So, keep up the good work!

Veterans Day – Honoring The Brave

Dekamore Dental blog - DeKalb ILOn Veterans Day we remember & honor all those who served or are currently serving in the United Sates armed services.  We thank them for their determination and service. 

From the Staff and Doctors at Dekamore Dental

Only 2 Months Before Your Dental Insurance Benefits Expire

In Network With PPOs | Dekamore DentalNovember 1st is here….. You only have 2 months before your dental insurance benefits expire for this year.  Don’t wait!  Contact our office at (815) 748-2666 and make your appointment.  The Dekamore Dental staff will help you maximize your dental insurance benefits today!

Remember, we are “In Network” with most dental PPO insurance plans and we accept AllKids and the medical card.