Halloween Guide To Good Dental Health

bigstock-Portrait-Of-Happy-Mother-With--102526979-compressedThe dentists and staff at Dekamore Dental want you to have a safe and healthy Halloween.  Our DeKalb dentists recommend the following:

  1. Sort out the halloween candy with your child.  Remove opened candy and food that is home made.
  2. Eat sweets with or shortly after mealtime.
  3. Limit the number of pieces of candy your child eats.
  4. Avoid candy that stays in your month for a long period of time unless it is sugarless.
  5. Avoid gooey candy that will stick in the grooves of the teeth and between teeth.
  6. Drink water while eating candy and drink after eating candy.
  7. Brush after eating candy.
  8. Floss.  If your child cannot floss their teeth, please floss their teeth for them.

 Enjoy your Halloween holiday!

October is National Orthodontic Health Month

brushing with bracesOctober is National Orthodontic Health Month.  If you or your child has braces, here are some helpful hints for this Halloween season:
1.  Stay away from sticky candy like caramels and licorice, jaw breakers, chewing gum and popcorn.
2. Brush and floss after every meal and snack.
3. Use a fluoride rinse and fluoride toothpaste.
4. Have your teeth cleaned 2 – 4 times a year to help prevent gum disease and cavities from forming.
If you have any questions about your dental health while you have braces, please ask the dentists at Dekamore Dental or contact your orthodontist.

Link Between Diabetes and Gum Disease

October Is National Diabetes Awareness Month

link between diabetes and gum diseaseDid you know that there is a link between diabetes and gum disease?

People with diabetes are more at risk for mouth infections, specifically (gum) disease which can increase blood sugar and diabetic complications. “In fact, periodontal disease is often considered a complication of diabetes” according to the American Academy of Periodontology. People with diabetes are 2 to 3 times more likely to have gum infections and are at greater risk of losing teeth.

Can gum disease treatment help control diabetes?
“Yes, the good news is that in people with type 2 diabetes, treatment of severe disease (for instance, deep cleaning) can lead to a drop in blood sugar levels. The benefit is about the same as you might find if you added another drug to your usual diabetes medicine” according to the American Dental Association. Read the entire article….

What do your Dekalb dentists at Dekamore Dental recommend?
• Make sure your dentist knows you have diabetes.
• Keep your blood glucose as close to normal as possible.
• Use dental floss at least once a day.
• Brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste after each meal and snack.
• Visit your dentist and get a cleaning every 3 or 4 months.
• If you smoke, talk to your dentist or doctor about quitting.
• Sip water throughout the day if your mouth gets dry.
• If you do not have teeth or wear a denture or partial, report to your dentist or physician any changes in your gum tissue.

Call Dekamore Dental at (815) 748-2666 for your dental cleaning and stay ahead of gum disease!

October is Dental Hygiene Month

Dekamore Dental | DeKalb and Sycamore CommunitiesCelebrate Dental Hygiene Month by giving everyone in your family a new toothbrush!

Are you wondering when you should change your toothbrush?

Here are some indicators that it is time for a new toothbrush.
1. The Dekamore Dental staff and the American Dental Association suggest that you change your toothbrush or your electric toothbrush head every 3 – 4 months.
2. Change your toothbrush after you have had a bad cold or the flu.
3. Change your toothbrush if your toothbrush bristles become frayed and/or worn. When bristles become frayed and worn they decrease their effectiveness.

Oral Cancer Screening Just Got Easier at Dekamore Dental

OralID-DekamoreDental-webChecking for oral cancer just got easier at Dekamore Dental, your Sycamore dental office.

With OralID, doctors can see cancerous lesions in their earliest stages when survival rates are the highest.

How does OralID oral cancer screening work?

OralID is an oral cancer screening device that looks like a flashlight.   It emits a fluorescent light.  The Dekamore Dental dentists will shine this light onto the dental tissues in the patient’s mouth.  The dentist will wear the special eyeglasses that allow the clinician to see green areas that are normal and dark blue areas when the tissue is abnormal.

There are no dyes or swabs or tinctures used!

Contact Dekamore Dental at  (815) 748-2666 for an appointment to get your oral cancer screening appointment, or email us to request an appointment.

What causes dry mouth (xerostomia)?

Dry mouth, Dekalb dentist, dekamore dental

Our Dekalb dentists see a variety of  patients who complain of dry mouth (xerostomia).

What causes dry mouth?

Medications:  Many common medications decrease saliva.  These medications include:   cold remedies,  antihistamines. anti-depressants, some beta-blockers, anti-hypertensives and diuretics.

Disease:  Patients with uncontrolled diabetes, arthritis, HIV, anemia or stroke.

Chemotherapy:  Patients who are treated for head and neck cancer report a decrease in saliva.   Their saliva glands may be affected by the chemotherapy.

Lifestyle Habits:  Smoking and using chewing tobacco affect saliva production.

If you would like to learn more, click here to watch a video by the American Dental Association on dry mouth.